Because everyone needs a fresh start!

New Beginnings Church Store

We understand that in these tough times, it can feel difficult to give to the poor- so we want to make that experience a little easier & certainly, more fun!  We hope that you will love our products.  Each was made or donated specifically to serve God’s kingdom.  What a great way to give a gift, do a project, AND serve God at the same time!

When you buy something from our store, ALL the profits go directly to people in need. We serve the greater Everett, WA community through our outreach programs.  We also serve a variety of communities overseas with our missionary ministries.    All of these products were either handmade by our church members, free of charge, or were donated to our church for this specific purpose from generous local business owners.  Each product that represents a donation from a local business partner will be indicated in the product descriptions.  Make sure to support them in your everyday shopping!    You can pay by a Paypal account or with any credit card!

Feel free to check our non-profit status  under Living Word Christian Center.  Important notice:  ‘donations’ normally mean you can receive a tax deduction.  In the case of our store, however, since you will be receiving a tangible item, it can not be considered a legal ‘donation.’  We hope you enjoy your product!
Friendly information concerning the security of your purchase transaction:

  • We use a special Paypal shopping storefront to ensure the highest level of security for your valuable information.
  •  Your transaction happens directly at the official Paypal site- we never send your information to Paypal- you are entering it directly into Paypal.
  • If you click the word, “PayPal” on the order form, you will go directly to the official paypal site.   In this way, you know you are on a real Paypal application.
  • If you look at the address bar of the order form, you will see that ‘paypal’ is in the address.
  • When you are ready to pay for your items, you will be directly to your Paypal account.  Note the picture of the lock and the green color in the address bar?  THAT means you have a secure connection!