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Maintenance Ministry

Apostle Paul wrote a letter to a struggling church in Corinth.  In it, he outlined the basic tenets of Christian faith as well as how an orderly church should be run.  He also answered some of their questions (there was a lot of confusion between the Jewish Christians and the Gentile Christians of Greece)- they were combining completely different cultural backgrounds into an entirely new body- the one of Christ!  Some people thought that they needed to become completely different in order to serve Jesus.  Some who were slaves wanted to run away.  Some thought they needed to do a different trade- or give their trade up completely.  But Paul felt so strongly about this that he wrote:

Brothers, let each man, in whatever condition he was called, stay in that condition with God.-1 Corinthians 7:24

He knew that no matter what walk of life you are from, you can minister to both believers and unbelievers.  Are you a plumber, carpenter, electrician, roofer, concrete expert, gardener or an all-around handyman?  If you wish to please God, then you can gift our church with your services!

Not an expert, but still want to add some Christian love to our dear building?  You can help us to keep it clean, orderly- or even help us to paint from time to time!

Building materials & labor are expensive- give and be blessed today!      *See note below.

*note: We will require your approval to perform a background check for criminal records.   All church volunteers are in the most trusting of positions.  Thank you for understanding!