Because everyone needs a fresh start!

Join Our Nursery!

Our nursery tends to work as a kind of co-opt.  If you would like your baby to play, have fun & eat a little snack while you worship God, bring them to our Nursery!  We love it when Mommies & Daddies who use our nursery volunteer from time to time as well.  However, we love grandmothers & grandfathers, aunts & uncles & everyone who has a nurturing, patient love for babies.  Why not volunteer today!   We will get back to you as soon as possible!* see note below.

*note: Due to the fact that you will be working with babies, we will require your approval to perform a background check for criminal records before we can allow contact with our children.  We also require that you have experience with babies to work in our nursery- either because you are, or were, a parent of babies or because you have worked professionally with them!  We want only the very best for our babies!