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Giving to God’s Work

Are you away from Everett?  Are you a Christian who doesn’t have a home church yet and still wish to give to God’s work?  Or are you someone who simply wishes to help people in need and like our church?  However you came to the decision to share in your wealth, we want to thank you ahead of time for your generous gift to New Beginnings Church.   You can be sure that every penny goes to the spiritual & physical needs of real people living in a very real world.  We take our mission very seriously and know that we answer to the highest court in the universe- that of Jesus Christ!  We will be good stewards of your money.  Feel free to check our non-profit status.  We are listed as Living Word Christian Center.

We use the most secure online method in the world- PayPal!  You will be directed to PayPal where you have a choice of either using any major credit card OR you can use your PayPal account if you have one.  You will receive an instant receipt from PayPal at the email you specify which is valid for a tax deduction.

Donate securely online with paypal.