Because everyone needs a fresh start!

F.A.I.T.H Night Out

Fearless Adventures In Trusting Him!

Once a month, our teens gather to have fun, strengthen their ties to Jesus & God and to experience  an environment where they are free from the pressures of drugs, sex and other all-too-common distractions.  Here, they can be with other teens who share the same beliefs they do.  Here, they can talk about their faith without fear of rejection or mockery.  Here, they can make friends that will stand by them throughout their lives.  This strengthens & reassures young teens greatly.  We get together for just about anything the teens are up to- movies, birthdays, the zoo, the beach- whatever!  We laugh, play and generally have a great time together.  Led by Virginia & Anthony Quintana, you can be sure your teens are in good hands. Both Virginia & Anthony have many years of experience working with teens and welcome any inquiries from both parents & teens!  Come join us and see just how cool Christian life really is!  Check the event calendar for the next F.A.I.T.H. Night Out!  See us in action!

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