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Congregation Study Plan

Welcome!  Pastor Frank will be using the following Bible passages to support his message for the given dates.  We encourage all of you to read these chapters (and memorize these verses) before each service to ensure that our minds & spirits are on the same page!  You can click the links below to get the chapters- there is also an audio function if you wish to listen to the message!  Blessings!  If you can’t make it to this coming Sunday’s worship experience, no worries!  They will be loaded Sunday evening on our Podcast page!

June 10-17th:  Acts chapters 25-28

Paul’s defense before Festus and Agrippa, the voyage to Rome.

June 18th-24th:  Genesis 22:1-19   Memory verse:  Psalm 103: 13

June 25-July 1st:

July 2nd-July 8th:  Proverbs 1-7

July 9-July 15:  Proverbs 8-14

July 16th-July 22:  Proverbs 15-22

July23-July21:  Proverbs 23-31