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New Beginnings Church highlighted in The Everett Herald. Click image to view article.

Please read the article in The Everett Herald. (Just click on the picture above) We welcome everyone to visit us on Sundays @ 10am in the Everett Music Hall @ the Everett Mall. There are activities for all ages, and we would love to meet you and your family.

FAll Fun Festival

Fall Festival Wednesday, October 31 at New Beginnings Church @ the Everett Mall

The Great Adventure- by Pastor Frank Pina

The Great Adventure

by Pastor Frank Pina

I’m in the process of preparing for a study through the Book of Acts. I outlined it several months ago trying to decide which stories to include in order to teach through a 28 chapter book in about ten weeks. That was not an easy challenge!!!! The Book of Acts contains so many interesting experiences of the early church. We see the power of the Holy Spirit, the challenges of the Apostles, and the truth that changed the world!!!

In preparing for this study I did what I challenge my church to do, grab a cup of coffee, go to, click on Acts, click on the audio button, and sit back and listen to the first three chapters of the Book of Acts. Over the last 35 years I’m sure I’ve read those passages hundreds of times, but (more…)