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The Great Adventure- by Pastor Frank Pina

The Great Adventure

by Pastor Frank Pina

I’m in the process of preparing for a study through the Book of Acts. I outlined it several months ago trying to decide which stories to include in order to teach through a 28 chapter book in about ten weeks. That was not an easy challenge!!!! The Book of Acts contains so many interesting experiences of the early church. We see the power of the Holy Spirit, the challenges of the Apostles, and the truth that changed the world!!!

In preparing for this study I did what I challenge my church to do, grab a cup of coffee, go to, click on Acts, click on the audio button, and sit back and listen to the first three chapters of the Book of Acts. Over the last 35 years I’m sure I’ve read those passages hundreds of times, but as I listened to the chapters, a few notable things jumped out at me. First, was the powerful leadership of Peter. Second, was the amazing depth of knowledge and wisdom in which Peter spoke.  Here was a guy without formal education, a fisherman, who less than two months earlier had denied he knew Jesus three times.  While Jesus was being tortured, whipped, beaten, and crucified, Peter stood in the background watching his dreams die along with his friend and Lord.

But after the resurrection Peter is a changed man!!! He has truly grieved and repented, and most importantly, genuinely received forgiveness from Jesus. From the first chapter in Acts we see Peter taking a leadership role in the brand new church leading thousands of people to faith in Jesus and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit to unleash miracles!!!

This will be a fun and amazing study. Try not to miss one week of this series…YOU WILL BE BLESSED!!!!

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  1. Short Little Rebel

    Looking forward to it, Pastor Frank!

    April 11, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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